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To kick start our interviews and features on Creative Costa, we are interviewing Creative Costa Creator Louise.

What kind of art do you create? And how would you describe your style?

I am a mixed media artist. Most of my painting work has a base of acrylic paint, and I love to integrate and explore various materials such as paper, wax, plaster, nature and lots more! I also love bookmaking, nature journaling and creating artwork from found objects.


What are your favorite art materials?

Being a mixed media artist, I am constantly trying out new materials. My favourites at the moment are hand-made paper, watercolour and wax!

What are the products you sell or produce? And where do you sell them?

As I recently moved, I am in the process of building up a lovely stock of originals, prints etc. Usually I would sell original artwork, prints and cards from my work. I also create lots of online classes for participants around the world to take part in and a few ebook products too. More info here


Where are you from originally? And what drew you to this area of Spain?

Originally from Surrey in the UK and have lived in Australia and the USA. I love the Estepona area of Spain where I now live as life is constantly full of beauty and inspiration.  My studio and home overlook the ocean with a view of Gibraltar rock, tiny fishing boats and the north African coastline in the distance.

I love the Spanish lifestyle, the peace and quite of where I live and being close to various towns when I need more hustle and bustle in my day.

lavender pages

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Nature is my biggest and most constant flow of inspiration. I am currently exploring the world of macro photography, natural mandalas and nature journaling.

What are some of the creative activities you like to take part in, in the area?

Being new to the area, I originally found it a challenge to find out about creative events and workshops (which was my inspiration behind starting Creative Costa), so I would like the opportunity to meet other creatives, attend and run workshops and build a wonderful community of all things creative in the area.

handmade colour, color energy book, journal, rainbow,

One of my hand-made colour books

What would you say are the key milestones to you becoming an artist and selling your work?

I studied art, photography and ceramics at university, but it wasn’t until I lived in the USA that I really took a step back to realise my dream of setting up on my own and living a more creative life full-time. I think the expansion of the internet, my web presence and social media in general is certainly a big milestone as it enabled me to connect with other artists, be published and sell my work online globally.

What is your dream for your art?

I would love to start creating new bodies of work again (I had a break when I moved to Spain) I would like to exhibit more and connect with other creatives in my local area, here in Estepona. Eventually I would like to run in-person workshops so share some of my techniques and also continue my classes I run online also.

What advice would you give other artists and creatives living in the Costa Del Sol area?

Come and join Creative Costa! :-) I would say connecting and collaborating with others is so inspiring for us creatives who sometimes find ourselves isolated in our creative zone. I would say try new techniques and think about anything you might be able to share with others to inspire their creativity. We will be featuring many creative people on this site, so look forward to connecting with everyone!


louiseportraitBWcroppedLouise is a British artist, with a passion for color, pattern and energy. She lives by the ocean with a view of Gibraltar rock, tiny fishing boats and the north African coastline in the distance.

Louise’s artwork can be found on the front cover of Patti Digh’s gorgeous book “what I wish for you” and her series “Sew Hoboken” is also a permanent collection at the Hoboken Historical Museum in the USA.  Her work has been published in the New York Times and featured in Inc Magazine. Louise will also be featured in two art books coming out summer 2014.

Connect with Louise here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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