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Today we are pleased to interview artist Sara Fitzgerald. Sara has been painting for twenty-five years and has exhibited in London, Cape Town, Corfu, Gibraltar, Gloucestershire and Spain.

Sara is also exhibiting from 15 January. Please click here for the exhibition information.

Higueron-Sara-FitzGerald-invite-3-1What kind of art do you create? And how would you describe your style?

My art is abstract but I also love painting landscapes in a more traditional style. I use mostly acrylic paints in my work but I also use metallic inks and gold and silver leaf on some work. My style is inspired from Aboriginal art originally but I have developed my own style and technique over the years. Most of my painting is extremely labour intensive and full of detail. I paint each and every leaf on a tree for example, all of which takes me many hours to do. A real labour of love and a huge passion for me.

What are your favorite art materials and where do you purchase them from?

I use Acrylics mostly. I buy them from any art shop but there is a good selection of colours available in the Tobacconist in Sabinillas. I also buy from Ramirez, they sell good canvas’ there too. Most of my brushes come from Green & Stone in London.

Sara Fitzgerald Artwork

What are the products you sell or produce? And where do you sell them?

I sell paintings and prints. I sell from my website and also at various exhibitions. I use Artfinder too and currently have some work for sale on their website.

Where are you from originally? And what drew you to this area of Spain?

I am originally from London, UK. I have friends in this part of Spain whom I have visited over the years and loved being here in the sunshine. I also love the Spanish and the easy going atmosphere of Spain.

Sara Fitzgerald Artwork

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from looking at nature. I love to paint trees. I also get inspiration from ideas that come to me during meditation, which I do on a regular basis. Sometimes I ‘see’ a painting in my dreams and rush to get the bones of it down as soon as I wake from the dream.

What are some of the creative activities you like to take part in, in the area?

I currently do workshops in the Estepona area. At the moment there is one every Saturday held at Patty Pans Paradise. I also do private lessons for clients from Marbella to Sotogrande. I am planning to do some art workshops in Morocco too, which will be wonderful fun.

Sara Fitzgerald Artwork

What would you say are the key milestones to you becoming an artist and selling your work?

First of all initially have the confidence to go out there and sell my work. It is one thing to paint a picture and quite another to get it seen and sold. I find that if I share what inspired the painting and what it symbolises it helps people to fall in love with the painting if they like it.

What is your favourite piece of artwork and why?

I fall in love with each painting I do, it is part of the process for me. So my favourite piece is always what I am currently working on.

Sara Fitzgerald Artwork

What is your dream for your art?

My dream for my art is to get it to as many people as possible. To keep painting and honing my skill to get better and better at what I do.

What advice would you give other artists and creatives living in the Costa Del Sol area?

Don’t give up! Paint for yourself and put everything you have in to the painting. If you love it, the chances are others will love it too.

Sara Fitzgerald Artwork



Sara FitzgeraldBorn in Calcutta Sara has spent a good deal of her life travelling. She first fell in love with ‘manipulating colour’ on a Master Paint course with Jocasta Innes in London twenty-five years ago and has been painting ever since.

On a year’s sabbatical in Australia she was greatly influenced by Aboriginal paintings. This, coupled with the idea that our whole world is made up of molecules, stimulated her passion for pointillism.

Sara’s paintings reflect both her spiritual as well as her physical journey. Having trained as a Reiki Master, Sara invites us to look within ourselves to find peace in our increasingly pressured world.  Each of her paintings has been lovingly created with this in mind and many contain hidden healing symbols to aid this process.

Sara also paints landscapes inspired by her worldwide travels in a more traditional style. She currently lives and works in Andalucía, Spain.

Connect with Sara here: Website | Facebook


  1. great interview!!! Like you said, Sara, never give up and keep up your great work!
    Big hug

  2. Wonderful work !! Great interview !! Best of luck with the new exhibition.x


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