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Today we are featuring Daniela, who is a fine art restorer but her passion is jewelry making which started during her latest restoration projects. Daniela lives

We hope you enjoy these beautiful works from Daniela and read on to find out more in her own words.


Jewels are part of the painting and an ornament of the woman or man in it; somehow I imagined what if the jewel was outside of the painting? This gave me the idea to reproduce them but after a while I wanted to create my owns envisioning as in the case of Jeanne D’Arc that she could have worn a pendant like the one I made, deliberately austere and plain in silver shades, a colour that reminds her armor as she is always characterized.

Alizarina Jewels Joan D'Arc on the Cross

Alizarina Jewels Joan D'Arc on the Cross

Or as in other cases I made jewelries that tell of intrigues, wars, secret love affairs and hidden treasures. Maybe some of them still to unearth…in far away towers or under a stone…. there…in the dungeons next to the drawbridge… in the castle of our innermost fantasy.

Alizarina Jewels

Or collecting seashells on the beach in Cadiz where one caught my eyes and it became the inspiration for a pendant.

Alizarina Jewels
Or the art nuveau grandeurs and elegance that tell about a magic era.

Alizarina Jewels

To make a jewel you first have to put an idea on paper and then draw the jewel either looking at the painting or at the idea in your head. To make the idea real on paper it is important to consider space, proportions and also the stones (precious or semi precious) that are available and how to position them.

Alizarina Jewels

Once everything is ready on paper and the drawing is completed I make some polyclay samples as a test. But by far the most pleasing part is the decoration, the small details and some less then one millimeter give my jewel the same feeling of a filigree and to achieve this I work with a needle because any other tool is too big, sometime I enjoy fitting gold leafs using 24 or lower karat gold.

After baking I always test the jewel to be sure that the stones are solid and the jewel is shatter proof. When the pendant is completed I make the necklace and when the ensemble is finished I take the pictures for my blog.

DanielaI am a fine art restorer, oil paintings in particular. I’m half Italian and half Spanish and I live in Granada , Spain in the beautiful place called Albaicin.

Connect with Daniela here: Blog | Facebook

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