Estepona Floral Club 2014/2015 season


Estepona Floral Art Club is affiliated to NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies UK) – it was started some 15 years ago as a monthly, English speaking club to bring together ladies who are creative and enjoy floral art.

Most months throughout our calendar we hold a Tuesday afternoon meeting at 3pm where a visiting demonstrator from somewhere in the UK will entertain us by completeting up to 6 floral arrangements – during the demo we may learn types about flower arranging plus get ideas about what to do! We meet at Aidan’s Bar and Grill in Cancelada Village ( N340 KM 166)

Flower club Nov 13 014

Some months we will also hold a workshop on another day…usually in the morning, for a couple of hours where we can ‘have a go’ and be taught what to do.  Anyone can come along as a visitor for a demo, just pop along  for a prompt start at 3pm and it would cost 10Euros.  Or you can join for a year for 45 Euros – the year runs from September through till June.  This year we will  have 7 UK demonstrators in our programme. Keep in touch with our news on our facebook page


Our first meeting of the year took place on Tuesday 16th September 2014 at our new venue Aidan’s Bar and Grill in Cancelada.

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