We are challenging ourselves to explore creativity and we would love for you to join us! Please come and join our Facebook Community here where we will explore, be inspired and create! IT IS FREE TO JOIN.


About the Creative Costa inspired community

Our focus for this project is to ‘connect’ ‘inspire’ and ‘create’. This group has been created to share the beauty of the Costa del Sol further though artmaking, photography, craft, the written word and lots more. We aim to bring together a community who would like to create on a regular basis, share and stretch their own creative muscles. In addition to any in-person classes we will offer in Spain, this community is a virtual global group to celebrate creativity inspired by our themes.

Who is it for?

This group is for anyone who would like to explore, create and is interested in inspiring images from the Costa del Sol. You may be a seasoned artist, photographer, crafter or a complete beginner. You may be a musician or a writer who will be inspired by our themes.


Here are just a few samples of images we may use. :-)


How it works

On the 1st of every month, Louise will post a new theme inspired by an image on the Costa del Sol

Louise will challenge herself to explore this theme through colour, different materials and invite you to join in! We will then post throughout the month on progress, inspiration and invite you to do the same.

This will really stretch us and encourage us to explore, create and be inspired.  You may discover a new medium or material you would like to try, some inspiration for a current or new creative project or simply just want to be inspired and get to know other creatives in the group.

Then throughout the month, we will post our creations on our facebook group here and encourage you to post anything you are working on or being inspired by based on the themes. If by the end of the month, we have a lovely selection of creative projects from the group, we will showcase them here on the Creative Costa blog and also share on louisegale.com and facebook pages.

Some ideas……

  • Paint the colours from the theme
  • Collage the shapes
  • Sketch the patterns or lines
  • Photograph your own versions of the theme
  • Bake or cook something inspired by the theme
  • Sew or knit something
  • Sculpt
  • Write a poem
  • Write a short story
  • Compose a song
  • The creative possibilities are endless!

Maybe you have a process you would like to share or a tip on using a particular material that we can all try out, or maybe you are a little nervous about creating and we as a group can help build your confidence and encourage you to give a new material a try. We will endeavour to create a community environment so you feel safe to share if you are not used to doing so.

You can join in anytime, the only rule is that you create and share your work or inspiration that is based on the current monthly theme or one that we have covered already.

Thanks, any questions, please email me on louise@creativecosta.com

Most of all, have fun, be inspired and create!

Louise xxx

Creative Challenges so far!

{click on the image to see the information}

Creative Challenge: June 2014 {Hibiscus}

Hi everyone and welcome to this months creative challenge! This month, is all about the beautifully bold and vibrant hibiscus flower. Here on the Costa del Sol, we have these gorgeous flowers in abundance in reds, peaches, yellows, pinks and beautiful combination. Our...

Creative Challenge: Sunsets (May 2014)

Hi everyone and welcome to our first creative challenge! To get us started, we are going to explore beautiful sunsets. (if you are new here and would like to find out about these creative challenge, click here) Here on the Costa del Sol, we have seen the most glorious...
I don't think of myself as 'creative' can I still join?

Everyone who would like to be inspired and explore their creative side is welcome to join us. We hope the themes will inspire you to try different materials and create. It may be a sketch, an abstract paintings just using the colours or simply a photograph you have taken that is connected to theme that inspires you.

How often are the challenges posted?

To begin with, we will post the challenge monthly, but may step up to weekly if the group craves more! The themes will be posted on the 1st of the month. We will also continue to post throughout the month with inspiration and our creations too.

What if I cant join in for each theme or miss one?

Don’t worry! All the themes will be listed with a link to the particular challenge, so you can dip in and out and also revisit if you find you are inspired to come back to a particular theme.

Where do I post my images?

Please come and join the Creative Costa Inspired facebook group to post you images, see everyone else’s and also be inspired!

Can I post to sell my work?

If you create a piece of artwork or specific creation and want to advertise it for sale, please be sure to add a link, price or more info into your post within the group.

Can I share my work elsewhere?

Of course! If you share anywhere else on social media such as twitter, instagram and pinterest, please use the hashtag #creativecosta so we can share the inspiration and I can locate any of your posts too to showcase.

Do I have to live in Spain to join in?

Not at all! The group is for everyone, no matter where you are in the world. The main themes are inspired by the Costa del Sol area of Spain (we will share images from around all of Spain) but all are welcome to join, share, connect and create!