A Visit to New Longman’s Arts and Crafts in Estepona


{image of Marisa, permission of Longman’s Facebook page}


Last night, I had the pleasure of visiting the fabulous ‘New Longman’s in Estepona located at Pza. de Manilva in Estepona and those of you who remember the original Longman’s will be pleasantly surprised at the gorgeous arts and crafts that are in the new shop.


Marisa, the owner was so friendly and welcoming and walked me through all of the art and design work that is currently being exhibited and sold in the shop. There are woven fabrics from Portugal, ceramics, jewellery, cards, artwork, prints, hats and lots more! Below are just a few of the images I took as I walked around and admired all the diverse work.


{image permission of Longman’s Facebook page}

Longman’s is located in the beautiful orange tree lined Pza. de Manilva in Estepona where artists often sit and draw or a local event is held to bring the community together.

Marisa is also a big supporter of the arts and exhibits work on the walls from Artists both local and from other parts of Spain. She also hosts an opening party each time a new artist arrives. Please check the “New Longman’s. Facebook page for all the information and dates of the next opening party.

It is so great to see this beautiful place be part of Estepona and we look forward to it bringing together the art and craft community evenmore. Thanks Marisa!


{image permission of Longman’s Facebook page}

New Longman’s
Pza. de Manilva, 6
951 25 34 12


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